Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Skulls for Christmas

Who doesn't like a little morbidity (hhhmmm, I may have to copyright that word) in their holiday season? I sure do! Skulls belong in just about every holiday I can think of, especially Christmas time. (Thank you Tim Burton!)

I look for and to anything for inspiration. Currently I've been enjoying some recent fabulous tissue boxes curtesy of my local supermarket

That little skull on the left side spoke to me earlier this year and I knew he was going to be good for something. With the merry holiday deason upon us I had a vision of skulls with holly sprig.


The drawing was done free hand with a mechanical pencil and then inked with a pen. I perfer an extra fine rolling ball pen to ink with; detailing is easier and I can retrace the lines at my leisure.
The finished product is above in three very appropriate colors and available for ordering here

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