Monday, November 23, 2009

Cute Crocheted Hat

A crocheted hat!

This festive lil'number took about two hours to complete, after approximately two hours of trial and error. Using these two sites


I began to figure it out. Two hard parts to accomplish: 1. remembering the lingo 2. getting the base size right.

But once that was mastered it went relatively fast, and I was able to incorporate at least three different crochet styles into the hat: a single, a half-double, and a double. PLUs this teaches you how to effectively use the "slip stitch"- a technique I had quite forgotten about.

The end product was then embellished with a two layer flower made from scraps of material. The flower is stitched directly to the hat with red thread. The two pearls are buttons from a craft box (Word to the wise: always keep buttons about; there are so many ways to use a button). The leaf-like pattern was done by threading green yarn in-and-out

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