Wednesday, September 22, 2010

photo a day

photo a day

I started this about 11 days ago.  The challenge though: only can use my cell phone to take the photos and do any alterations.  No computer programs allowed.  I hope to be entertaining on some level.  Some of them are sort of personal, like yesterday's:

About once a year I have to have blood taken and have my thyroid tested.  The technicians have been taking my blood these past 12 years and I've never taken a photo before!  This challenge made me share this experience.  I hate needles; have had nurses not know what the ------- they are doing and leave me with bruises; and had to fast while pregnant.

Then other's are more artistic

Every once in a while I will try to blog about the photo in question.

I really want this be a personal experience.  This is my camera telling you what I see.  Enjoy!

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